YouTube Spotlight: Jason Horton

Share your story of becoming a YouTuber. How did you get started?

I was doing a lot of live sketch comedy and improv, as well as videos for Funny or Die and UCB Comedy, and met Michael Gallagher from Totally Sketch, and starting doing videos with him, just as an actor or whatever you want to call it. From there I just happen to fit a lot roles in various videos, with what turned out to be bigger YouTubers. At the time I had no idea what “YouTube” was as a community. I started to realize “wow, I can have hundreds of people, maybe thousands watch what I think is funny & interesting?” This coming from someone who was (and still is) happy to perform live in front of 20 people. The rest is history.

What do you love most about creating videos?

Taking literally nothing and making it something. If I have an idea, it can go from weird thought, a random interaction, or literally anything, and come to life. I don’t need to ask permission, or some Hollywood person telling me allowing me to create. I’ve always wanted to write a book, and really my videos are taken in some way from my life, so I feel like those are the pages.

Describe your lifestyle (what makes you choose the things you reviews) and a few of your favorite brands. Who do you wish to work with in the future on a collaboration?

I was never cool, or popular, and frankly never will be, and I’m fine with that. So I like to be myself, a sort of everyman. So I like to take things like products that people can relate to. I’m not interesting in glamorizing myself, or try to change someone life with what I review. I like to share useful and cool stuff, that I think will enhance in some way peoples lives. I speak mostly to guys, or at least frame it that way, since well, I’m a guy, I guess? I’ve done some bigger stuff like Ford as a Ford Fiesta agent for 9 months. That was a really cool learning experience, and I got to share it my own voice. I had a lot of fun with the GIF Keyboard video. It really fit what I was doing naturally.

What is your current setup for shooting videos?

For a produced vlog I use my 60D at my desk and just talk. I edit it myself, which is always a work in progress. For sketches I have a crew I work with that can shoot and edit and understand the comedy of it, and how a brand fits, without making it seem like a “commercial.”

What do you like best about FameBit?

Famebit is really intuitive. However, as easy it is to use, you really need to know yourself and your channel. I learned a lot on how to “pitch” myself on Famebit. I also think the collab aspect is amazing. I have already worked with a few people from that feature. There is a cool sense of community, which makes the whole thing more well rounded.

What advice would you give to YouTubers just starting out?

Don’t concern yourself about how much money you can make. Love what you do. Don’t feel like you have to collaborate with people that have huge numbers. Audiences are audiences. Keep it genuine, even when it’s business. Have a life outside of YouTube, it will give you PLENTY of material and ideas to create.

A few faves please! (food, movie, quote, etc)

Living in LA there are a lot of amazing places to eat. However ordering something like Papa John’s, then using the empty pizza boxes as a pillow when I’m done is my idea of a great night.

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