Spotlight: Cassandra aka DiamondsAndHeels14

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Cassandra Bankson is a model, entrepreneur, student and online media personality who at the age of 21, is taking fashion runways and the online blogging world by storm. With over 90 Million viewers, a camera, and a knack for all things fashion, fitness and beauty, Cassandra is sweeping the internet off it’s feet while making it her mission to educate, entertain and inspire readers across the globe. Her mission is to help others live beautifully, both inside and out! 

Cassandra Bankson is a Vlogger, Model, Beauty Entrepreneur and online media personality who at the age of 21, is taking fashion runways  and the online world by storm. 

Cassandra was an acne victim ostracized and bullied for her skin throughout school and recused, using the Internet vlogs she posted as a means of support and self expression – after perfecting her makeup technique and perusing her career as a model (studying at Stanford planing a career in Dermatology), she took on both the runways and the world to prove Beauty is more than just skin deep. 

After her first few posts in 2010, Cassandra abandoned her blog- afraid the ridicule she got from school would reflect online opinions of her “No Makeup” appearance as well. Months later when she logged back in she was shocked and overwhelmed- there was an immense outreach of support and acceptance she could’ve never expected, and she began posting blogs regularly. 

One year later in 2012, her blog ended up going viral- Interviews with GMA, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, and reaching the front page of Yahoo, AOL and MSN in over 9 countries led her to pursue vlogging and as a daily passion. Since her arrival in the spotlight her blogs have reached over 100 Million viewers, and Bankson has been renowned as an international beauty and skincare guru. She has been called on as an expert for television programs such as GMA, The Today Show, and Anderson Cooper as well as publications including Allure Magazine, Elle Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Good Housekeeping Magazine, Forbes Magazine and the Front Page of The New York Post Style Section. In addition she has filmed an exclusive Makeover Show produced by Conde Nast and Allure Magazine titled “Cassandra To The Rescue”, due to release in Fall 2014. 

I'm extremely inspired by day to day life and the things I find fascinating- nature, fashion, and emotions play into everything I do and create. Ive enjoyed helping others since a young age and love creating videos that address specific problems and help others find solutions-  everything from beauty, fashion, skin, health and fitness, to life discussions in general. 

Describe your style and a few of your favorite brands. Who do you wish to work with in the future on a collaboration?

My style is certainly eccentric- being a runway model, I piece things together that aren't traditionally thought of as "cute", but more "chic". I love being an empty canvas to paint a style, and even a personality on. 

I love learning about, and working with brands that are innovative and creative- everything from health supplements or juice mixes that are perfect for on the go, learning about and experimenting with cutting edge skincare technology, to new colors and textures of lipsticks, eyeshadows and cosmetics. 

What do you like best about FameBit?

I love that FameBit is able to connect influencers with brands that are not only helpful to my audience, but that I personally love and end up using on a daily basis. FameBit has introduced me to my favorite monthly subscription clothing and snack boxes (perfect for on the go gals as well as for those who cringe at take a photo in the same outfit twice), as well as a supplement that's saved my hair and a flex belt that helps me with abs and no crunches!

A few faves please! (food, movie, quote, etc)

Favorites: Cats, Instagram, Cosmetics, Travel, Hiking, Tapas, Hiking, and anything that gets adrenaline flowing!

My Favorite Quote changes on the daily - Today's quote (via twitter) is more of a 140 character monologue than a quote, but sums up the relationship between myself and my 5 cats pretty well:

"I show affection for my pets by holding them against me and whispering I love you repeatedly as they struggle to escape from my arms"