YouTuber Spotlight: The Fu

Share your story of becoming a YouTuber. How did you get started? What inspires you/ any muses? What do you love most about creating videos?

We got started by putting up covers/music for our Grandma to hear in Indonesia. When we realized other people were watching and liking what they heard, we started posting up regularly!

As cliche as it sounds, everything around us inspires us. When you're posting videos multiple times a week, you start looking for inspiration anywhere you can find it! We definitely pull inspiration from friends/family, other creators, fans, and everyday life.

Working together is really great. Josh gets to focus on the music and Jacob gets to focus on the videos. What we love about it is that we can be as creative or as simple as we want.

Describe your lifestyle (what makes you choose the things you reviews) and a few of your favorite brands. Who do you wish to work with in the future on a collaboration?

Although we work together, our lifestyles are definitely different. Jacob, along with his wife Esther, love to travel, eat, and hike. Naturally he loves travel/hiking gear like Patagonia and REI. You can follow along with them at their

Josh is a bit more relaxed and likes to go with the flow. He really enjoys playing sports and watching movies. But don't be mistaken, here are definitely times when he gets the travel bug!

What do you like best about FameBit?

We love that FameBit can pretty much be as much as you want it to be. You get to select brands that fit you. And brands get to do the same. That helps ensure that both sides are happy!

A few faves please! (food, movie, quote, etc)



  • Food - Japanese
  • Movie - I Love You, Man
  • Musician - Stevie Ray Vaughan, Wes Montgomery
What is your current setup for shooting videos?

We currently shoot on a Canon 5D Mark II with either a 24-105 or 100mm macro. We also use a Rode videomic and a Tascam DR-40 for audio.

As for audio production, we use a Rode NT-1 mic and a Scarlett 8i6 audio interface.

What advice would you give to YouTubers just starting out?

Give yourself a schedule and stick with it! By making yourself put out a video weekly, you learn to shoot efficiently and learn something new every week. It helps you grow as a YouTuber and Videographer.

Make sure to check out both of Josh and Jacob's channels, The Fu Music and The Fuzees!