Spotlight: Brenna AKA Missy Vaughn

Share your story of becoming a YouTuber. How did you get started? What inspires you/ any muses? What do you love most about creating videos?

During my middle school years, I had wild, bright pink, waist-length hair. I started making YouTube videos as an answer to my all-time favorite question: "How did you get your hair like that?"

The other thing I will always cherish in my videos is that I try my hardest to be a good role model. Being the girl that isn't ashamed to have all ages listen to and watch my videos is a pride that I will always possess.

Describe your style and a few of your favorite brands. Who do you wish to work with in the future on a collaboration?

My style is derived from the old scene/punk look, which has grown and matured into an eclectic bundle of delight. Some of my favorite brands are Urban Decay, Forever 21, Revlon, and Chi. I love working with brands that appeal to the mid 20s crowd, that bring something new and unique to the table, and who aren't afraid to step out of the box.

What do you like best about FameBit?

I love FameBit because they're straightforward. They don't try to play games with you. If you have an issue, they're on it. You don't get a robot, an automated reply, or a generic answer. You get a real and sincere person with an in depth and specific answer.

A few faves please! (food, movie, quote.)

I would cut my left arm off for a bag of crab rangoon from my local Chinese carry-out any day of my life.

Chocolate strawberries are the quickest way to my heart. I'm a perpetual book worm. The most touching book I've read as of late is I am Malala, a book written by a young girl shot by the Taliban for perusing an education. I love Korean Pop (Kpop) music and I am forever swooning over G Dragon and his impeccable muscles. :)

Make sure to check out Missy Vaughn's YouTube channel for all sorts of awesomeness here.