Spotlight: kungsuayjung AKA PermPorn

Share your story of becoming a Youtuber. How did you get started? What inspires you/ any muses? What do you love most about creating videos?

I started putting makeup on and filming myself after finding out that people were uploading their own content to YouTube back when I was a freshman in college.  Since I didn’t know anything about lighting, filming, etc., the quality of my videos were pretty poor and amateur.  It took me several years and YouTube accounts before I finally created my current one and it has brought me some kind of success.  I haven’t stopped since I found out I could do it, and do it where I was proud of my work and most importantly, I had continuing motivation from my subscribers. 

I love to be the face of a product that I’m reviewing, and expressing my independent opinions in regards to a brand.  I feel that creating a content that people can share, and see my emotions gives people a better idea of a product.  It’s personal because it is coming from a regular consumer just like the viewers’ themselves.  This not only establishes a trust, but also a source that is reliable and not bias as an actress promoting a product on a commercial.

Describe your lifestyle (what makes you choose the things you reviews) and a few of your favorite brands. Who do you wish to work with in the future on a collaboration?

I love anything makeup.  It’s like a rave on my face when I throw on shimmers and lashes and contact lenses.  I have a pretty busy lifestyle where I balance a full time job as a software developer, taking care of my puppy, my home, and my YouTube videos.  I try to seek out things that are unique and classic brands with established household names.  I don’t limit myself, because I’m pretty liberal with various products and I do love upcoming new brands too.  I hope one day I could work with a brand that I can collaborate a specific product on.  Perhaps a lipstick or a pair of eyelashes or maybe a beauty box.

What do you like best about FameBit?

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have stumbled upon FameBit!  They have brought me so much insight on so many brands that I could never have otherwise found on my own.  They changed my life and I love what they do! 

A few faves please! (food, movie, quote, etc)

My favorite food are eggs and French fries!  I love watching Gordon Ramsey from Kitchen Nightmare because that show is funny and I’ve learned a lot of business tactics oddly.