Google just announced that it has acquired FameBit, a marketplace that connects video creators with marketers who want to sponsor their content.

This could be an important step for Google’s YouTube, where monetization has been a big concern — not just for YouTube as a whole, but also for individual creators. YouTube has been working to provide more support on this front through its partner program, but we’ve also seen the growth of multi-channel networks that creators join up with for ad sales and business resources.

Wall Street Journal: Google Acquires FameBit to Increase Branded Content Deals

Google has acquired FameBit, a technology startup that helps marketers connect with digital influencers, in an effort to bolster branded content deals in online video, including on Google’s video platform YouTube.

The Drum: Google acquires FameBit to strengthen its branded content on Youtube

Google has acquired FameBit, a marketplace that helps marketers connect with social influencers, in a move intended to help promote YouTube’s potential to offer branded content.

Mashable: Google buys FameBit to help creators gain sponsorship deals

The tech giant, which owns video network YouTube, announced Tuesday that it had acquiredFameBit, a self-service technology platform to connect creators and advertisers for product placements, paid promotions and sponsorships. 

Engadget: YouTube acquires FameBit to help creators get that brand money

YouTubers looking to get some of that sweet brand advertiser budget should now have an easier time finding sponsors for their work. Google announced today that YouTube has acquired FameBit, "a technology platform company that helps creators and brands find and work with each other through sponsorships and paid promotion."

TUBEFILTER: Google Announces Acquisition of Influencer Marketing Platform FameBit

Google announced today in an official blog post that it has acquired three-year-old influencer marketing platformFameBit, which pairs social media stars with brands to collaborate on sponsored content. The deal will provide YouTube with an avenue into the innumerable sponsored video transactions that proliferate across its platform on top of the advertising revenues that it already shares with creators.

The Verge: Google acquires FameBit to help YouTubers cozy up to brands

Google announced today that it has acquired FameBit, an "influencer marketing platform for branded content." That is a lot of buzzwords packed together, so lets break it down. For a while YouTube creators have been making money not just from advertising revenue generated against their video views, but by partnering with brands that want to connect with its fans. 

USA TODAY: YouTube acquires ad firm FameBit

YouTube has snapped up FameBit, an ad agency of sorts that connects small businesses to video creators.

The creators make money producing video commercials or doing promotions for the businesses and expose the brands to their followers and the marketers spend less money than having to hire big video crews.

The Hollywood Reporter: Google Acquires Branded Content Platform FameBit

Most YouTube stars rely on sponsorships and paid promotions from brands to make money off their online videos, and now YouTube-owner Google has acquired a company that will make it easier for those stars to find such deals. 

Business Insider: Google bought a company that helps brands get product placements in YouTube videos

Google announced Tuesday that it bought Famebit, a company that helps brands work with YouTube creators for marketing their products.

Famebit is basically a way for companies to get product placement in videos posted by popular YouTube users.

VENTURE BEAT: Google acquires FameBit to better connect YouTube creators with brands

Google announced on Tuesday that it has acquired FameBit, with plans to leverage its technology platform to help YouTube creators better connect with brands. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Variety: Google Acquires FameBit to Help YouTube Creators Line Up Paid Promotions

Google announced that it has acquired FameBit, a YouTube and social-media marketing startup that connects digital influencers with advertisers and brands for paid sponsorships and promotional deals.

YouTube Blog: Helping creators connect with brands

Nine years ago, YouTube launched its Partner Program with the goal of helping creators earn advertising revenue while connecting their innovative content to audiences around the world. Every year, more and more brands are making YouTube essential to their marketing strategy. In fact, in the last year alone, the top 100 advertisers have increased their spend on YouTube video ads by 50 percent.

FORBES: Let The FameBit Tech Founders Tell You How to Make A Killer Influencer Campaign

Influencer marketing is here to stay, but there is a long way to go for brands and creators who want to find each other and work smoothly together. Agnes Kozera and David Kierzkowski, founders of tech startup FameBit, knew that there was more to influencer marketing than the messy, frustrating channels that were being utilized, so they launched their self-service marketplace to streamline the whole process, from bid to launch.

NY Times: Getting YouTube Stars to Sell Your Product

YouTube influencers are a sought-after breed. One word from these connoisseurs of cool, these heralders of hipness, and traffic to a website or store soars, products fly off shelves and brands become blockbusters overnight.

FastCompany: Social Influencers Are Using E-Commerce To Turn Online Fame Into A Business

In a world where becoming a YouTuber or Instagram celeb is a legitimately lucrative career path, it’s little surprise that people aspire to be online influencers. How Influencer Marketing is Changing Business with FameBit

In recent years, global brands and small businesses alike, have been turning to influencer marketing, the practice of partnering with well-known industry influencers to market products in a more authentic way than more traditional marketing channels.

VIDEOINK: FameBit’s Shopify Deal Brings Self-Service Ecommerce to Influencers

Self-serve influencer marketplace FameBit announced today that it has partnered with cloud-based multi-channel commerce platform Shopify.

TECHVIBES: FameBit, Shopify Collaborate to Help Social Media Influencers Grow Brands

FameBit has partnered with Shopify. The collaboration will allow FameBit’s influencers to leverage Shopify’s VIP program and technology to expand into ecommerce.

STREAMDAILY: FameBit joins forces with Shopify

Thanks to a newly announced partnership between online influencer networkFameBit and cloud-based, multi-commerce platform Shopify, creators on the FameBit network will now be able to sell their own product lines.

Marketing Dive: FameBit, Shopify deal catapults influencers into e-commerce

Social media influencer network FameBit has teamed up with multi-commerce platform provider Shopify to give its roster of content creators a pathway into e-commerce, according to a press release.

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In 2015, Los Angeles saw many rising trends. The advancements in virtual reality technology created a mad scramble as companies fought for position in the potentially game-changing industry. LA tech also turned its attention toward real estate tech, utilizing the power of crowdsourcing to revolutionize property investments. 

FORBES: Sight, Sound And Motion: The Rise Of Digital Video

For brands who want to take a more direct, hands-on, and long-tail approach, there are platforms like Famebit. Famebit has more than 25,000 creators with a collective reach of over a billion. Brands can use the company’s software to source and manage multiple creative partners, many of which have large but extremely niche audiences.

MediaLeaders: YouTube Marketing Key Takeaways from DGS4

Consistency is great, but if you’re consistently doing something that’s not working, then you need to change it up. You need to come up with fresh ideas. One of our creators, Anthony Deluca, was doing a music channel and a lot of his comments were about what he was wearing. So he decided to start doing men’s fashion and tripled his content in a few months. Make sure that what you are doing is working and if it’s not, try something new. – Adam Hendle

MASHABLE: FameBit expands to Tumblr and Facebook

The Santa Monica-based startup, founded last year, is a popular online service that connects YouTube creators with brands. It boasts about 21,000 influencers — with a combined network reach of 1 billion — and more than 3,000 brands, including Marvel and Adidas.

USA TODAY Tech: Like posting online videos? FameBit can make you money.

If you make online videos and like to post them on YouTube, Instagram, Vine and other social networks, Agnes Kozera wants you to call her. Her website, FameBit, marries brands with social media "influencers," folks with an online following, and pays them to either mention their brand in a post, make an unboxing video or produce an online spot for them.

VIDEO INK: How FameBit Is Connecting Brands with More Influencers

Self-serve influencer marketplace FameBit is expanding its footprint outside of YouTube, Vine, and Instagram stars with a host of new matchmaking options that will let brands connect with influencers with currency on platforms such as Tumblr and Facebook.

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If you're reduced to raiding junior's piggy bank for more Christmas cash (or in this day and age, his GoFundMe account), back away and hit the reset button. There's a better way to make a few holiday bucks. 

TUBEFILTER: FameBit Expands Influencer Marketplace Platform, Moves Into Vine, Instagram, Twitter

FameBit will no longer be restricted to just YouTube creators. The online marketplace where companies connect with video creators for branded initiatives has expanded its platform to include Vine, Instagram, and Twitter influencers.

TUBEFILTER: FameBit Expands Into Original Programming With ‘FilterFreeTV’

The digital marketplace, which lets brands like L’Oreal and Dollar Shave Club connect with YouTube stars who can help spread brand messages, has facilitated the creation of thousands of videos that result in big payouts for creators. Now, FameBit is looking beyond its primary business. It has announced FilterFreeTV, its first original series.

LA times: FameBit delves into original content

FameBit, an online service that connects YouTube creators with brands, announced that it is creating and distributing its own original content beginning later this month.

TubeFilter: FameBit Acquires Video Agency Refame, Crosses 450 Million Subscribers Mark

FameBit is expanding. The online marketplace, which connects brands to YouTube creators for branded content efforts, has acquired short-form video marketing agency Refame. 

NMR: FameBit Buys Refame Adding Video Marketing To Its Haul

FameBit has been making big waves with their innovative approach to connecting YouTube creators with brands and advertisers. Now the company is taking a quantum leap forward by acquiring video marketing agency Refame.

VideoInk: FameBit Buys Refame to Help Brands Mingle with Vine, Snapchat, Instagram Stars

FameBit, a self-service marketplace platform for advertisers and mid-level YouTubers looking to mingle with each other, has acquired video marketing agency Refame.

TechVibes: FameBit Acquires Video Marketing Agency Refame to Expand Cross-Platform Reach

The Canadian-born company, which operates a self-service marketplace that enables brands to collaborate directly with YouTube influencers, will absorb Refame's network of short-form content creators across Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram. YouTube Ads Startup FameBit Acquires Refame

NewMediaFameBit, the Santa Monica, CA-based YouTube advertising company that offers a self-service marketplace where brands and YouTube stars can collaborate on product and service endorsements, announced today that it has acquired the short-form video marketing agency Refame.

TechCrunch: Ad Startup FameBit’s Long Tail Of Creators Grows To More Than 9K YouTubers

Today, FameBit is sharing some numbers about how big its network has actually gotten. The company says it works with more than 9,000 YouTubers (with 350 million subscribers) who have connected with 1,250+ brands for 1,650+ campaigns.

The Video Ink: How FameBit Streamlines the Brand/YouTuber Connection

FameBit, a platform YouTubers and brands can use to monetize content and partner with relevant influencers (respectively), just reached the 300 million subscriber mark. Letting brands name their budgets and inviting YouTubers to join for free, the company says it found success by knowing what its clients are looking for and giving it to them in a direct way.

CNN MONEY: They're getting cash, free products, and YouTube-famous

FameBit is a marketplace for brands and YouTube creators to form business deals. Brands post products they want used in YouTube videos. Video creators bid how much they'll do the job for, and brands select the best candidates.

"The biggest [YouTube] stars are quite visible, but anyone in the mid-scale can be hard to find." said FameBit co-founder Agnes Kozera

International Business Times: Startup 'Famebit' Connects YouTube Stars With Advertisers For Product Placements In Videos

Brands have been paying YouTubers to place their products in their videos for years, but until FameBit came along, this was a practice that was typically reserved for stars with followings in the millions. It has also required brands to work through multi-channel networks to get videos done, preventing them from working with the content creators directly.

LABusinessJournal: Brands Weigh ‘Influence’ Decision

More than 500 brands have already used FameBit’s service, which launched just 11 months ago. FameBit takes a 20 percent cut of each deal and projects its annual revenue will reach $10 million, said co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Agnes Kozera, twice what it was projecting in September.

TechWeekLA: FameBit Party on the Pier

We had an absolute blast hosting the TechWeekLA x FameBit Party on the Pier. It was incredible meeting a ton of our LA based YouTubers and we can't wait to do it again! If you couldn't make it to the party be sure to check out the gallery and we hope to see you next time.

ReelSEO: YouTube Influencer Marketing is NOW Open to All Brands

From its origins as a simple video-sharing platform, YouTube has since changed the face of video consumption. But while many brands understand the power that YouTube can wield, others are still very unsure how it can really work for them and how much it is going to cost.

TubeFilter: FameBit’s Branded Videos Paid Out $500,000 To Creators In September

YouTubers and brands continue to be eager to work together, and companies like FameBit continue to facilitate that marriage. After producing more than 1,000 branded videos in July, FameBit continued its growth through September, when it paid out more than $500,000 to its creative partners.

Los Angeles Business Journal: FameBit Launches as 500 Women Company

“The title ‘500 Women Company’ is so important not just for the success of FameBit, but also for the success of other female-led companies,” Kozera said in an email. “Very often, we think that great companies just emerge on their own while taking for granted the role that great mentorship and community support plays in that success.”

TechCrunch: 500 Startups Launches Its First Two 500 Women Syndicate Companies

The first 500 Women company, FameBit, is a platform to find, hire and work with YouTube Influencers. It has achieved a $5 million run rate in just under seven months, according to the company. It has also produced over 1,000 videos since July and now works with top brands, such as L’Oreal, JustFab, ShoeDazzle, eSalon, and Dollar Shave Club to sponsor YouTube content creators.

BizJournals: 500 Startups boosts female founders through AngelList syndicates

The 500 Startups accelerator is doubling down on some female founders in its portfolio by turning to the AngelList syndicate crowd.

TechVibes: 500 Women Syndicate Funds FameBit

It was an important step for the organization in supporting women-led companies and encouraging more women to grab a seat on the other side of the table as angel investors. Among the first two companies selected for the syndicate is Canada's own FameBit.

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BetaKit: Famebit Produced Over 1000 Videos, Paid Out Over $250K to Youtubers in July

July turned out to be a plentiful month for former Extreme Startups graduate FameBit, a Toronto and Santa Monica-based company that helps brands connect with Youtube celebrities/influencers for branded content. Last month the startup facilitated the production of over 1000 Youtube videos...

Tubefilter: In July, FameBit Produced 1,000 Branded Videos For YouTube Creators

There are a number of companies that help connect brands to relevant YouTube content creators, and one of those companies is standing out by producing a huge amount of branded video. FameBit, which offers a streamlined platform for both...

Pando: FameBit gets $1.5M to democratize sponsored content on YouTube, connecting long-tail brands and creators

FameBit is a self-serve marketplace designed to match small and mid-sized brands with long-tail YouTube stars – those with 50,000 to 500,000 subscribers, often in highly targeted niche demographics. These companies pay more approachable sums, ranging from...

TechCrunch: YouTube's Marketing And Content Platform Nets Startups Millions | TechCrunch

The rise of YouTube and its attendant online celebrity millionaires has created opportunities for venture investors to launch new marketing and advertising platforms, like the new startup FameBit, catering to brands wishing for these virtual stars to hawk their wares...

Recode: FameBit Puts YouTubers to Work for Advertisers, One Plug at a Time

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is YouTube’s most popular star. He grosses $4 million a year. But most people who make YouTube videos aren’t PewDiePie. It’s hard to make money on YouTube. So here’s a company that says it can help YouTube video makers...

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