Creator Search, Granular Filters, Reviews and More!

Introducing Creator Search, New Granular Filters, Reviews & Roll Up Emails

FameBit's mission has been and will always be to create the best self-service platform for Brands and Creators to connect and collaborate on branded content. Today, we've made another huge leap to continuing to innovate on that mission.

These new features have been the most requested features on FameBit and we're proud to announce all of them are now available to brands on FameBit. We're sure that these new features will make finding, connecting and collaborating with Creators easier than ever.

Granular Proposal & Campaign Filters

There's nothing more powerful than being able to find exactly what you want when you want it. Now with our new proposal and campaign filters you can quickly and easily sort by a Creator's reach, channel category, country, as well at their audience's gender, age and country. You can also take that a step further and sort that list based on reach, price, CPE, CPF and most hired.

Creator Search

With 30,000+ Creators on the FameBit platform you can expect proposals to pour in as soon as you launch your new campaign. That said, there are times when you are looking for something extremely specific and we're happy to announce that you can now search across the FameBit database to find that perfect Creator and invite them to work with you on your campaign. 

Creator Search allows you to search attributes such as a Creator's reach, channel category, country, as well at their audience's gender, age and country all with just a few clicks. You can also narrow down your search by sorting by sorting those results by Best Cost-Per-Engagement, Best Cost-Per-Reach and Most Hired. 

Creator Reviews

Once a campaign has been completely both Brand and Creators will be able to rate and review the transaction. Currently all ratings and reviews are tracked internally and not shown in the FameBit marketplace. We know this new change will only help encourage the great behavior everyone involved in a marketplace wants to be a part of.



Roll-Up Emails

We get it, while it's exciting to see so many Creators interested in your campaign it can be overwhelming to receive a proposal every time a Creator applies. To help give you more control you can now set your email notification frequency to never, immediate or roll-up which will send you a summary email once a day.

Aside from those features we've also updated the brand dashboard with a fresh new look. The focus was to surface more data on proposal cards so that as a brand you can make more informed decisions quicker. We believe the new look and layout do just that.

We hope you love the new changes as much as we do. As always more to come and feel free to drop us a line at or send us a Tweet we'd love to hear from you.

Team FameBit