Advice and Inspiration from 20 of Your Favorite YouTubers

Starting out on YouTube can sometimes feel like trying to scale Mount Everest. The good news is creators have done it and in the process have learned a lot from the process! We've circled up twenty YouTubers to lend the advice they wished someone would have shared with them when they first started out.

Get ready to climb!

Jelly and Day

Don’t try to be like any other YouTuber. Be yourself because in the end that’s what makes you, you! It sounds so cliché but it is only the truth. Coming from two female YouTubers who have tried everything in their mindset to make something out of themselves, trust us.

Don't crush yourself for not receiving as many views as you expected. Views are cool but interaction between you and your viewer is way cooler. Put your heart into it because then you will make friends and grow even closer to your fanbase. Your viewers will stick with you as long as you stick around for them. I mean let’s be honest, without them where would you be? A lot of people tend to forget that.

Jason Horton

Don’t concern yourself about how much money you can make. Love what you do. Don’t feel like you have to collaborate with people that have huge numbers. Audiences are audiences. Keep it genuine, even when it’s business. Have a life outside of YouTube, it will give you PLENTY of material and ideas to create.


Don't get obsessed with numbers. When you've spent as much time on YT as I have you realize how quickly things change so don't get attached and seriously remain flexible. Don't get attached to the idea of getting X amount of views and X recognition because the whole thing can change just by YT simply changing their layout, how to they promote channels, etc. In fact, YT could one day delete its entire site and you'd be left saying 'yes but when I was on YT I had this many subscribers, I swear!!!' and it wouldn't matter. Please do it for the enjoyment, see it as a creative outlet and if you are business savvy then great for you - just remember there is no secret recipe to 'fame' on YT and you shouldn't become blinded by it.


I am very much into self-empowerment. This isn’t the same world it used to be 20 years ago when just working hard got you places, there are no guides or roadmaps or checklists anymore, no one cares about my college degrees. You must work smart. YouTube is an extremely volatile platform that you cannot predict, so your most important asset is your ability to adapt. If something isn’t working for you like you anticipated, don’t keep doing it, try something new, something different, something fresh. There are no rules. Trust yourself, and trust your instincts.


Be consistent with uploads so that viewers know that you will have a video up. All the big channels have a schedule and they say what day they will have new releases. This not only makes you credible but fans know that you are up to date. It keeps them coming back to watch.

Elliott Morgan

DON'T DO IT! No, wait, that's not it... DO IT! There it is. Yeah, I think the most important thing is to just keep at it and learn to balance what works on YouTube with what makes you happy. A lot of actors apply this philosophy to the films they shoot (one blockbuster affords them however many independent films). I try to treat my content like that. One video will be, "How To Get The Girl," or something YouTube-friendly, then others will be off-the-wall weirdness that excites me more. Most importantly, though: Keep at it!

elliott morgan.png


Give yourself a schedule and stick with it! By making yourself put out a video weekly, you learn to shoot efficiently and learn something new every week. It helps you grow as a YouTuber and Videographer.


Develop a programming strategy, shoot content in advance with a plan, get a solid editing workflow down. Be consistent. Develop a visual brand. Have an overall long term plan. Leverage affiliate marketing.


Definitely do what makes you happy. If you love to sing - do that! Don't be nervous and decide to vlog instead. If you love magic, do magic videos! When people see that you're thoroughly enjoying what you're doing, they respond to that. It makes the video that much more fun to watch.


Always improve and try to make each video better than your last. Make sure to invest in great lighting as it makes all the difference when you film! Do a quick search of your potential title in the youtube search box to see if it's being searched for. Lastly, make sure your thumbnails and titles are eye catching.


Make videos about whatever you're passionate about! You'll never get tired of it. I've also noticed sticking with one topic (gaming, beauty, specific vlog types for specific audiences) gives you the most growth. But just have fun with it.


Hey Brittany

Do it for the right reasons! If you’re on YouTube to get famous, then you’re already going to fail. You should be doing it because you love it and your passionate about it, not because you want to make money and be famous. It took me years to gain any sort of momentum. If you’re not passionate about it, you’re going to get bored and quit before you ever make any progress. Be in it for the right reasons, or you’re going to fall flat on your face!


YouTube is a community. If you expect people to watch/ comment/ like your videos make sure you support others and their content too. BUT be sincere and add value, don't just comment for the sake of it, make sure you're adding value and really engaging with their content


Get good lighting and try and borrow a good computer with fast ram because the worst thing in the world is editing. I used to have to leave my old laptop on for two days to render in HD, it was completely and utterly a nightmare. The best thing I ever did was get a computer for editing so borrow beg and steal one.

Also do something new and original there is so much content on youtube that unless you have a different approach to it, you're not going to stand out. And remember It takes a lot of time to get comfortable in front of a camera, I always think omg my neighbors will hear me and think I'm schizophrenic or something but you have to get over that and just show your best attributes.


A wise YouTuber (iJustine) once told me to never give up and follow my dreams. I would say the same to anyone starting out in anything you do. If you want it enough you will get it. Love what you do, be happy and enjoy the ride. Subscribe to channels that inspire you and find your niche.


My advice would be to be yourself and focus on your talent. Just don't do it because so many girls have been successful doing beauty videos, you have to follow your own path. You will find success doing what you are best at, comedy, cooking or just everyday vlogging!


Schedule in your filming, editing and uploading time! You have to make time for YouTube, even if you film videos "just for fun" or for the creative aspect, there will be weeks when you just feel like you don't have time. Put it in your planner, make time for it!


Consider yourself a professional before you start. don't settle on quality and only post something that if you had your friends look over your shoulder while you watched it you would be proud.