5 Tips for YouTube Success NOW

Guest Article written by: Jason Horton

100 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE.

How can you get your video seen? Get people to come back for more? Make YouTube search favor YOUR videos?

I have been creating content on YouTube since 2009 and have personally been seen in over 1 billion total online views. Having worked with YouTube and Google directly, as well as being a brand and YouTube channel consultant,
I KNOW that having great, genuine, and regular content is always job #1.

However, you are competing with a saturated market...
So, I’ve assembled 5 tips to help your YouTube videos and channel on a whole be more successful. Let’s get to it!

A mere one second click won’t count as a view like it did in the good old days; YouTube favors “Watch Time”. The longer people watch, the more YouTube says, “people like this”, which will then register favorability in the algorithm. Rushing to have people click on a Subscribe link or another video link is cutting down your watch time; you should save the annotations for closer to the end.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.08.58 AM.png

Why have someone watch ONE of your videos, when they can watch MANY of your videos? When annotating to another video or promoting your video on social media, link out from a playlist. Keep them on your YouTube channel longer!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.09.40 AM.png

Sure, you should like your own videos; I mean, if you don’t who will?
However, I’m talking about literally hitting the LIKE button on your own videos. I generally do it a day or two after I post a video, so that it shows back up in your feed where perhaps subscribers that may have missed it can now see it.

This is something I’ve been really bad at. However, I have been schooled directly by YouTube about making my banner part of the experience and destination of my channel. This doesn’t mean fancy. A clean, simple banner for me is preferable. Ultimately though, you want the viewer to get an idea of the type of content they are about to view.

leave comments.png

I have always maintained that responding to comments can be helpful as it connects you directly to your audience base and opens a dialogue that can inform what you do on YouTube. Being a part of the community allows you to develop a loyal base; plus, someone might see your interesting comment, click on your channel name and then discover you! The conversation on and within YouTube is what makes it special.

I hope you find these 5 YouTube tips helpful! You can subscribe to Jason's channel here or watch some of his amazing videos directly on his channel: youtube.com/jasonhorton