Building Relationships for Strong Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Want to get more out of your influencer marketing campaign? One way to do it is to build great relationships with the top influencers. The more your influencers love your business, the more love they will show in the videos they do for your products and services. And that can translate into better videos for your business! Here are some ways you can build great relationships with your top influencers.

Get to Know Your Influencer Directly

The best way to start a relationship is through direct interaction. Unlike MCN’s (Multi Channel Networks) or Agencies, the FameBit platform allows you to send endorsement requests to your favorite YouTube Influencers directly, as opposed to communicating through a third party.

This starts the relationship off on the right foot, letting you and your influencer get to know each other. Importantly, FameBit also ensures that you are matched to influencers that are the best fit for telling your unique story through video, by providing you with information about each YouTuber’s channel demographic and channel geography.


In addition, FameBit lets you can converse with influencers directly so that you can decide on the best way to promote your products and services without any delays or any specifics getting lost in translation.  You can provide each Influencer with relevant talking points, guidelines and convey your overall expectations for the video.

Support the Influencer's Campaign

There are lots of ways that you can help support your influencer's video campaign. By getting fully involved, you show the influencer how much you respect their work and want to make it even more successful. Some ways to support your influencer's video campaign include the following.

  • Monitor comments on the YouTube videos your influencer creates for your business and reply to them. Even a simple thank you shows the influencer that you are involved and shows the influencer's fans just how welcome you make your customers feel.
  • Share your influencer's video on your own social channels with a thank you. They'll appreciate the additional exposure with your audience, and you'll get to show your audience what people are saying about your business.
  • Follow your influencer on the networks they use most beyond YouTube including Facebook and Twitter.  Many influencers will link to these other networks in their YouTube channel. This will allow you to also see shares of your video on their network and allow you to jump into conversations that happen there as well.
  • Be available to your influencer throughout the campaign if they have any additional questions about your business. The faster you respond to them, the faster they can create your videos and respond to their fans.

Remember, you and your influencer have the same goal - to make the video for your campaign as popular as possible. Help each other and you will accomplish that goal!

Follow Up

Once your campaign has been live for 30 days, follow up with your influencers and see how it benefited them and their audience. See if there's anything you can do to help make the campaign even more of a success, or if there's anything you can provide in future campaigns that would be helpful. This will allow you to work out any problems that might have arisen in your first campaign and make the influencer comfortable working with your business going forward.

In Conclusion

Just because you are paying the influencer for their services does not mean that they are people you should boss around. Make your influencer feel special, and they will likely give your campaigns the extra special treatment. As an added bonus, if your influencer is friends with other YouTube influencers, they'll likely recommend your business as great to work with, leading to even more connections and exposure.